The conference topics covers lightweight materials such as Aluminum, Magnesium and Titanium, their processing as well as their specific technology and property features, which are involved in their use in modern transport systems and structural lightweight applications.

LightMAT 2019 gives a deep insight into the basics, the specific requirements, how they can be met by each of the three modern light-weight materials, individually or in their combination in advanced multi-material design, including processing, joining and corrosion issues. Additionally, specific enabling technologies such as additive manufacturing and advanced light metal forming will be highlighted.

Plenary, Lectures and Poster presentations cover the following topics:

A - Processing
AM - Additive Manufacture
B - Applications and performance
C - Alloy Development
D - Joining, Repair, and Multi-material designs
E - Characterization and testing
F - Computational materials design and engineering
LF – Special Topic - Light Metal Forming

Forming is an essential enabling technology for light metals, critical to their use in automotive, aerospace, and other advanced applications. The special topic Light Metal Forming will focus on recent scientific developments in understanding the role of microstructure and texture on the forming performance of aluminium, titanium, and magnesium. New emerging forming technologies will be highlighted that enable flexible shaping of complex parts. The synergies between forming and microstructure development will be explored, offering new avenues to create low cost and high performance formed light metal parts.

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Deadline, 15th March 2019